GHS is an acronym for Globally Harmonized System. The GHS system is for standardizing and harmonizing the classification and labelling of chemicals. For more information see our "About GHS" page. 

GHS Overview

Services Offered:

  • GHS Compliant MSDS / SDS Authoring​ - Our authoring service features custom, domestic and internationally compliant, authoring for new product SDSs as well as the updating of existing MSDSs to be regulatory compliant.  Our SDSs are professionally authored and customized to your business.  We can author your GHS SDSs to be compliant within any country or region including the United States, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, and Asia Pacific.  

  • GHS Compliant Label Authoring - We provide GHS Label authoring service to correspond with your GHS compliant SDS.  

  • Expedited SDS Authoring - Our standard turnaround time is industry leading, but if you are in an urgent need for a GHS compliant SDS we offer an expedited turnaround service for GHS compliant SDSs.  This service is popular with Research and Development organizations but is available to anyone in need of an expedited GHS SDS and GHS label.

  • MSDS / SDS Compliance Review - We provide low cost analysis of your existing MSDS / SDS or GHS label to ensure regulatory compliance. Whether developed in house or via another service provider, our review will provide you with the assurance that your MSDS / SDS and / or GHS Label are compliant with the GHS requirements.

  • Supplier MSDS / SDS Liaison - Our liaison service includes the collection of your suppliers GHS SDS along with performing a regulatory compliance review of that SDS to ensure GHS compliance.  We address any compliance issue with the vendor and electronically distribute the SDS to you.  We can also provide the completed SDS package in a physical format.  This service is great for Schools, Hospitals, Janitorial Cleaning Services, and any other organization that uses a large number of products and needs to ensure their Hazard Communication Program is compliant. 

  • Translation Services - Have a need for your SDS to another language?  Contact us regarding our translation services.  

  • MSDS to GHS Compliance is extremely flexible with the services that it can provide.  The services listed above can be combined or tailored to fit the needs of your business.  We support customers, domestic and international, in all industries that require an SDS for their products including the Chemical industry, Janitorial, Agricultural, Comestics, and many more.  If you have questions on any of the services we provide or are in a need of a custom service,  please contact us.  

Pricing Model:

  • We customize our pricing based on the project in order to provide the customer with the most cost efficient solution.  
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